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Discover The Untold Money Making Secrets of Affiliate Marketing & Learn How To Accelerate Your Results Online & Achieve Your Financial Goals

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From The Desk of Razvan Chirodea 

Here's What This Event Is About And Why You Need To Join This.. 

Are you prepared to THRIVE in the new economy? More and more traditional businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs are transitioning online building successful businesses and impacting thousands of people's lives. 

It has never been easier to reach people worldwide from the comfort of your home and to impact and improve their lives in such an extraordinary way as it is today... 

But everywhere you go online you are bombarded with ads and it seems that social media turned into a platform where everyone is trying to sell you something although you just want to focus on your business and grow...

That's why I created this virtual event for affiliate marketers and individuals that want to grow their brand online, learn how to generate consistent income and achieve financial freedom... 

This is a NO SELLING, NO PITCHING environment where we hang out on Zoom to help accelerate your results, network with other high-level marketers and grow your brand online. 

You don't have to be alone anymore... sign up for our Virtual Affiliates BBQ Grill Party today and let's grow together. 

Who Is This Affiliates Party For..

People That Work In A 9 To 5 Job And Wants To Quit It

This training is made for everyone over 21 years of age that works in a regular 9 to 5 job and wants to learn how to start an online business, work from home and generate an extra $5,000 - $25,000+ per month with affiliate marketing, travel the world and create a lifestyle of wealth & freedom online.

Stay At Home Parents That Want An Extra Income

This course is made for every stay at home mom & dad to show them how to generate an extra $5,000 - $25,000+ per month working from home in their spare time while they can still take care of their children, be there for their family and enjoy their time while generating passive income online. 

Struggling Marketers That Are Not Getting Results

If you already have an online business, but you're struggling with getting qualified leads, making sales and scaling your business... this training will show you how to accelerate your results and make 15+ high-ticket sales per week so you can quit your job and create a lifestyle of wealth & freedom online. 

Who Is This Affiliates Party NOT For..

People Under 21 Years Of Age

This training is NOT made for people that are under 21 years of age and don't have experience in the working field yet or never worked in a regular job before. This training is life changing and meant to be taken seriously.. otherwise it'll be a waste of time for you and for us as well. 


This training is NOT made for children or teenagers that are still in school or high-school. Please don't sign up for this training if you are still in school. You can come back to us once you turn 21, but until then focus on school and get some experience in the working field first to get a taste of it. 

People That Don't See The Value In Investing In Themselves

This training is NOT made for people that don't see the value in investing time & money in their education to learn how to build a long-term successful online business, become successful entrepreneurs and create a lifestyle of wealth & freedom online. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

These are some of our clients Razvan has worked with personally and has helped them generate results online using his proven strategies 

Sunniva H.

Sunniva made her 1st high-ticket sale in the 1st week of joining us and grew from few hundred followers to 10,000 followers and got 1.4M+ views in only 10 days. 

Cristian F.

Cristian made $10,000 in sales in only 3 days within the first 30 days of joining us and $30,000 within the first 90 days of working with us.

Rebecka J.

After failing and struggling for years in multiple businesses, Rebecka joined us and made her 1st high-ticket sale after 1 month of joining us.

Karel L.

Karen made $5,000 after 6 coaching sessions with me. 

Rudolfs S.

Struggling for 4 years alone, he had his breakthrough after 1 week working with me.

Jeff. C

He needed clarity and focus and I was there to give him that!

Angela D.

Razvan's guidance, mentorship and determination to make sure that you're succeeding will help out any person.

Dominiko O.

Generated his first ever $1,250 day. 

Maxwell C.

Made his first 4-figure sale online inside our affiliate program using the framework that we teach. 

Maja L.

Razvan helped me to close multiple HT sales and he taught me the psychology  behind content creation and sales processes. 

Eberto R.

Broke-through in his affiliate business and made his first HT sales that was a 4-figure day after 1 coaching session with Razvan

Matthias S.

With Razvan's help I was able to create content that got me tons of inbound leads and make my first HT sale! Razvan is a SALES BEAST and I don't say that lightly.

Renee G.

Razvan helped me make high-ticket sales right away and took my entire online business to a brand new level. 

Mary L.

Razvan knew exactly what I needed to get leads and make sales and he got me to my first high-ticket sales online. 

Moa F.

Razvan helped me fix all my problems right away and see money coming in my business. With Razvan YOU GET RESULTS!

What Will You Learn?

Have you ever felt alone in your online journey of building your legacy and financial freedom online? 

And all the questions that you have about content, sales, branding, getting clients, making money with affiliate marketing... whom can you truly trust to help with that when everyone online is trying to sell you their program telling you that what they have is the best ever? 

In this Affiliates BBQ Party you'll learn the untold secrets to making money online with affiliate marketing and help you connect with other high-level marketers and entrepreneurs in a safe and positive environment... 

Where you can ask questions and receive direct answers, where you can grow, where you can network and where you can hang out and get support from top leaders in the industry without getting bombarded with offers from every direction. 

The Affiliates BBQ Party is a private place where marketers and coaches meet to grow their brand and succeed together! 

3 Steps To Generating Consistent Income

You'll learn the 3 steps to generating consistent $25,000+ per month with affiliate marketing.


This is a networking event where we meet to support one another to grow and succeed online.

Accelerate Your Results And Grow Faster

You'll get direct access to Razvan and his Expert Team of Coaches to accelerate your results. 

Access To Other High-Level Marketers

You'll get proper guidance and support from qualified coaches and access to other high-level marketers.

This Party Could Change Your Life Forever!

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Discover in a brand new coaching program how Razvan went from BROKE working in restaurants and washing dishes for the average wage to building a $500K+ / year online business and how you can copy his model & add an extra $5,000 - $25,000+ per month to your income without creating any products, websites or personally sell anything yourself and earn prizes in worth of $135,000 in cars, assets and real estates.  


100% FREE! Registration Window For The Party Is Closing Soon!

About Razvan Chirodea

Razvan Chirodea is the Founder of Razvan Chirodea Academy, which is dedicated to aspiring and driven entrepreneurs who want to learn about online marketing, professional development and business education.

He started in sales in 2013 with network marketing and in 2019 he transitioned into online marketing with high-ticket affiliate marketing. 

He's been working full-time online since 2020 building a $500K+ / year online business and has successfully leveraged his knowledge and skills to create his Academy and provide exclusive and rare information & trainings to help his students achieve success online. 

His "why" is to exponentially impact the lives of people around him and his goal with The Academy is to help as many people as possible to turn their dreams into success stories.

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