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Razvan Chirodea Academy Culture 

Guide of Principles 

What we stand for in Razvan Chirodea Academy 

Lead - because it is necessary in every situation you face

Respect - because everyone has something to teach you

Improve - because that’s how you know everything will work out

Love - because this is the ultimate thing that keeps us together

Acknowledge - because small wins over time create big results

Commit - because this is the starting point of turning your ideas into reality

Massive Action - because this is the ultimate key to achieving anything

Hope - because this keeps our dreams alive

High Standards - moral standards as well as business ethics

Healthy Relationships - with one another, with business partners & prospects and in our own family

Proactivity - we encourage staying proactive and initiating action in your business

Order - we set up rules in place to create a well functioning & growing environment (Jesus Christ is a God of order)

Family - this is the core foundation of a healthy and well functioning society

Set of Core Values 

Faith - without Jesus Christ we can’t do anything

Freedom - God gave us the full autonomy to decide what we want and don’t want in our lives

Responsibility - this keeps the outcome in your hands

Discipline - this makes the difference between losing and winning

Perseverance - without consistency over a long period of time you will fail

Courage - this helps us face our challenges and level up

Wisdom - this helps us making the right choices

Tolerance - this creates strong relationships despite our differences

Understanding - appreciating and respecting that everyone has different ideas and values

Hard Work - this is the key to achieving all your goals in life

Efficiency - this is the key to scale your business and leverage your time

Simple - this keeps the progress evolving and people understanding

Transparency - we keeps relationships healthy and build trust

Authenticity - this keeps you YOU and gives you a voice in the world

Loyalty - this builds healthy relationships and helps the progress & development

Keep Your Word - when you say you’ll do something, you get it done 

What We DON'T Tolerate 

Bullying and being bullied

Stepping on other people’s boundaries

Disrespecting other people

Abuse (of any form)

Being rude & mean

Harming other people


Being negative

Being pessimistic

Leaking secrets


Not taking care of your mental & physical health

Taking advice from the wrong people

Treating people poorly


Business Principles 

Never compromise our non negotiables.

Micromanage until there is trust.

What brought us here won’t take us to the next level.

Create positive peer pressure by challenging one another.

Beat your prior best.

Always improve and invest in your education to level up and become better.

Treat the company’s money like it’s your own.

Be radically open-minded but not easily persuaded.

Fight any temptations to lower expectations and standards.

Create an environment where every member of our team is taken care of financially and professionally.

Build leaders and teach them how to build new leaders. 

Company Code of Conduct 

Can’t poach business from one of your colleagues.

It is forbidden to be disrespectful to anyone in the company.

Call out people when they violate the company’s core principles.

When you have ideas for improvement we encourage you to share them.

You break our Culture's Core Principles & Values 2 times, you’re out.


Helping people achieve human excellence and prosperity in every area of their lives: finances, business, personal development, relationships, health and spiritual life.


Helping people become financially free and creating a lifestyle of wealth & freedom online through digital entrepreneurship.

Helping entrepreneurs optimize for freedom and build a self-sustaining business that generates them consistent income without their active presence.

Teaching people the hidden secrets of high-income skills & wealth building skills like direct-response marketing & sales that will get you sell anything, anytime and generate income on demand whenever you need.

Build 100 Millionaires.

Teach people how to achieve human excellence in all 6 areas of their lives and create a life of abundance, fulfillment and prosperity. 

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