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Free Market Report Reveals The Winning Formula For Organic Coaches & Marketers in 2022

How To Grow To Consistent 5-Figure Months with Organic Marketing in 2022

The old ways don't work anymore

Below I wrote a letter for all the coaches and marketers that want to grow to consistent 5-figure months in 2022 and I shared my free report about the winning formula for boosting your sales in 2022, called T.R.U.S.T. 

If you are doing organic marketing on Facebook and you haven't hit the 5-figure month milestone yet, then read the letter below and access your free report to discover a unique way of organic marketing and selling in 2022. 

PS: Ignore this at your own risk and continue doing the same old-outdated things that don't work anymore or access my report below and learn how to grow to consistent 5-figure months in the upcoming year. 

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from:   The Desk of Razvan Chirodea 
to:      All Organic Marketers & Coaches
date:      Nov 8th 2021
subject:  Stop Begging For The Sale, Instead Do This.. 

Dear Coach and Marketer,

If you haven’t hit your financial goals in 2021 and you want to grow to consistent 5-figure months in 2022..

Then this will be the most important piece of information you’ll read as we enter 2022!

My name is Razvan Chirodea and I’m the founder of Razvan Chirodea Academy. Over the last 2 years I’ve been in the organic tranches day in and day out generating multiple 5-figure months consistently, improving my strategies and methods all the time in order to stay ahead of the market.

There is no secret anymore that the organic market is over-filled with coaches and experts that are teaching people how to make their first $1,000 days while they haven’t even made their first $100 online.

And because of these so called experts, a lot of confusion, misinformation and mistrust has been created in this space. But the old-friend of business validation called TIME, will sieve most of these so-called experts in the upcoming year!

Talking about time… I have a question for you:

Have you ever questioned the things that you learned from your 9-figure mentor, if they are actually still working in the current market?

Let’s put this to the test:

Let’s take FB organic as an example..

If you’ve been doing organic marketing on FB for at least 3 months, then have a look at your daily operational activities. Have they generated the results that you want?

You know what I’m talking about:

- Adding 50 friends a day
- Engaging for 30-45min daily
- Creating content on your Timeline
- Posting in groups (if you do that at all)
- Sending cold messages to 30 people a day
- Chatting 3 hours with people every day
- Doing 20 TikTok's a day 
- Going to a full-time job
- Spending time with your spouse
- Taking care of your children
- Cooking for your family 
- And also enjoying life from time to time (if you even get to this point at all)

There is not even enough time in a day to complete all that. 

Don’t get me wrong, these are all good... But how much money did these activities actually generate you in your business so far?

And while everyone is focusing on "creating content that converts", 90% of the people that your content attracts are freebie seekers and tyre-kickers. 

The truth is that we got to the point where “everyone is selling to everyone” these days and your so-called “prospect” is not really your prospect anymore, because has 10 other products to invest in, besides you.

Why would they buy from you then?

I made a free market report where I answered this question and explained how to position your brand in the current market to step-out of the crowd and sell your products and services like hot bread without worrying about ANY competition.

In this report you’ll also find more about my next Sales Explosion Masterclass where I’m gonna reveal:

1. The only 3 things to EVER say in a sales conversation to close the sale [This is where most people mess up! Simply because they talk about the wrong things.]

2. The NO. 1 sales secret to use as an affiliate marketer to sell your product like hot bread [This will be your game-changer in 2022!]

3. The Secret in 2022 for coaches and marketers that want to grow to consistent 5-figure months in 2022 with FB organic. [Value-first-Marketing is over! There is a better way of making business!]

If this is something that you’d like to discover, then write your best email below and I’ll send the free report to you right away. 

Best regards
Razvan Chirodea

PS: The information I’m sharing in this report is sensitive and for this reason I don’t want it in the hands of the wrong people. If you are planning to get the report and do nothing with it.. then is better if you don't get it at all. Thank you! 

Click Here To Access Your Market Report

100% FREE. Limited Edition. 

Who Can Benefit From This Report?


All affiliate marketers and network marketers that are aiming to reach the 5-figure month milestone in their business using free social media strategies will benefit from this report.  

Coaches & Course Creators

Every coach and course creator selling their expertise and knowledge that haven't hit the 5-figure month mark in their business yet, will benefit from this report.  

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