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Free Market Report Reveals How To Grow To Consistent 5-Figure Months In 2022

Watch this webinar to learn how to stand out from the crowd in 2022 and grow to 5-figure months

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What to do next after watching this video?

This report in the hands of the right people is gonna be game-changer! 

And while most people will go back to their daily "DMO's" after watching this report without learning anything from it.. 

There will be a small number of people that will actually take notes about what they learned here and start to do things different. 

If you are one of these people... that actually wants to become better and improve and that is always looking for the best ways and strategies to grow their business... 

Then this is what to do next: 

On December 6th I'm doing a Masterclass called "Sales Explosion" where I'm going to help you boost your sales in December to help you start the new year with power and confidence towards growing to 5-figure months in 2022. 

This Masterclass is for every affiliate marketer and coach that wants to boost up their sales in December 2021 and enter the new year with confidence, speed and power for growing to 5-figure months with organic marketing.

This is going to be your “First-Class Ride Towards 5-Figure Months In 2022”

And the first 20 action takers that sign-up for the Masterclass are going to get FREE ACCESS to my coaching program TPSP Fundamentals where they'll get the chance to work with me personally.

Read below to find all the details about the Sales Explosion Masterclass and how to sign-up:

This is what you'll learn in the Sales Explosion Masterclass

The only 3 things to EVER say in a sales conversation to close the sale

This is where most people mess up! Simply because they talk about the wrong things. When you get this right, you'll 10X your conversions. 

The NO. 1 sales secret to use as an affiliate marketer to sell your product like hot bread

This will be your game-changer in 2022! Your affiliate product is actually your product. When you understand this, people will buy from you like you're the only one in the market. 

The Secret in 2022 for coaches and marketers that want to grow to consistent 5-figure months in 2022 with FB organic

Value-first-Marketing is over! There is a better way of making business and there are 2 things to improve in 2022 if you want to grow to 5-figure months. This is my new T.R.U.S.T method. 

First 20 people get FREE access to my coaching program TPSP Fundamentals

In TPSP Fundamentals you'll learn the foundation to getting consistent clients & generating $10K months with 3-4 hours a day using free social media traffic. 

Learn more about TPSP Fundamentals HERE. 

How To Sign-Up For The Sales Explosion Masterclass?

My 9-figure future me advised me to charge at least $800 for this Masterclass based on the content and sensitive information it provides. 

So going against my own advice is obviously not the smartest thing I ever done, but... 

I want to help as many marketers and coaches as possible to boost their sales in December before sliding into 2022! 

These secrets and inner circle information I'm gonna be revealing in this Masterclass have generated me $12,000 in 1 Day few months ago... 

And although a mere $800 investment to earn $12,000 would give a 15 x ROI...

I'm reducing the list price for the Sales Explosion Masterclass to 60% OFF. 

Today your investment is only $320. 

You must hurry, though. 

The Masterclass will go live on Dec 6th 2021.  

You'll get access to all the future updates in my coaching program TPSP Fundamentals after this Masterclass, although the price will increase. 

Be one of the first 20 members to sign-up for the Masterclass and reserve your FREE ENTRY in TPSP Fundamentals today. 

What Will You Learn In This Webinar?

In this webinar I'll walk you through a detailed training on The Laws of Marketing where I'll explain how to apply them in your business to generate sales opportunities, attract ready-to-buy customers to you and get clients on demand with content marketing.

The information I'll share with you in this Webinar have helped me to generate multiple $1,000 and $2,000 days and even have 5-figure clients. 

Imagine you would have 1 client that generates you $12,000 revenue in your business. How cool is that?

This is what I will show to you in this webinar.

So remove all the distractions around you for the next 60 minutes and watch this webinar until the end and take action on what I'll share with you right away.

What To Do Next?

The reason you watched this webinar is because you are not getting the results you want in your business and at the end of the day... it doesn't matter how cool your business is, if you are not getting clients, you don't have a business.

That's a hard pill to swallow, but it's true.. because clients is what generates cash in your business.

And if you got value in this Masterclass and you'd like to move forward and schedule a consulting session with me to identify why exactly you are not making money, to get a personalized plan for your business that will get you straight to your goals on the fastest route and clarify all the questions that you have...

Then click this button underneath and apply for a call with me.

NOTE: Don't overthink too much because the spots are filling up quickly and I also only have 24h in my day as well. We also won't accept all the applications. Fill out the form with the best information possible and submit it to us. After we'll review it we will send you an Email with our decision.

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About Razvan Chirodea

Razvan Chirodea is the Founder of Razvan Chirodea Academy, which is dedicated to aspiring and driven entrepreneurs who want to learn about online marketing, professional development and business education. 

He started in sales in 2013 with network marketing and in 2019 he transitioned into online marketing with high-ticket affiliate marketing. 

He quit his full-time job within 4 months in 2020 and has successfully leveraged his knowledge and skills to create his Academy and provide exclusive and rare information & trainings to help his students achieve their goals. 

His why is to exponentially impact the lives of people around him and his goal with his Academy is to help as many people as possible to turn their dreams into success stories. 

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