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Razvan Chirodea Academy Affiliate Referral Plan

Affiliate Referral Plan

Affiliate Referral Plan Overview

In order to become and affiliate for Razvan Chirodea Academy and promote its products and services, you must be a premium, pro or basic member of The Perfect Sales Pitch Mastermind or part of the Program that you want to apply for. Once a member of the Program you will be able to apply to become an affiliate. Razvan Chirodea Academy & Razvan Chirodea Academy Affiliate Program has full discretion over the acceptance & rejection of affiliates. We require all affiliates to be an active member of the Mastermind or the Program they signed up for to maintain the highest standard of brand & imagine. We do not want affiliates who are not members, with no information about how our Programs are run or the full scope of the training & mentorship promoting the product.

We pay between 30% and 50% commission to affiliates for the sales that we close for our affiliates and the sales that affiliates close themselves on sales that are both one time payments, payment plans or recurring. When our time is actively involved in the conversion process of the leads that Razvan Chirodea Academy affiliates generate, then our affiliates will receive 30% commissions for the sale and when Razvan Chirodea Academy affiliates generate sales without our time actively being involved in the conversion process, our affiliate will receive 50% commissions for the new client they bring into the company. Every Razvan Chirodea Academy Affiliate Program has it's own Compensation Structure that can be found in the Official Razvan Chirodea Academy Materials.

We reserve the right to change the compensation plan & product pricing & structures at any time & will provide appropriate notice & communication to all affiliates.

We reserve our right to run promotions, bundles, deals & discounts at our complete discretion. In the event we do this, affiliates will be compensated based on the amount collected.

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