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Success Stories From Our Clients

We work with dedicated entrepreneurs to help them become experts in their market and teach them how to get consistent results with their coaching and marketing business. 

Below are the success stories we helped our clients to achieve. You can also become part of them. 

You can contact us on Facebook, YouTube or email at [email protected] 

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What Our Clients Say About Us

These are some of our clients Razvan has worked with personally and has helped them generate results online using his proven strategies 

Sunniva H.

Sunniva made her 1st high-ticket sale in the 1st week of joining us and grew from few hundred followers to 10,000 followers and got 1.4M+ views in only 10 days. 

Cristian F.

Cristian made $10,000 in sales in only 3 days within the first 30 days of joining us and $30,000 within the first 90 days of working with us.

Rebecka J.

After failing and struggling for years in multiple businesses, Rebecka joined us and made her 1st high-ticket sale after 1 month of joining us.

Karel L.

Karen made $5,000 after 6 coaching sessions with me. 

Rudolfs S.

Struggling for 4 years alone, he had his breakthrough after 1 week working with me.

Jeff. C

He needed clarity and focus and I was there to give him that!

Angela D.

Razvan's guidance, mentorship and determination to make sure that you're succeeding will help out any person.

Dominiko O.

Generated his first ever $1,250 day. 

Maxwell C.

Made his first 4-figure sale online inside our affiliate program using the framework that we teach. 

Maja L.

Razvan helped me to close multiple HT sales and he taught me the psychology  behind content creation and sales processes. 


Broke-through in his affiliate business and made his first HT sales that was a 4-figure day after 1 coaching session with Razvan

Matthias S.

With Razvan's help I was able to create content that got me tons of inbound leads and make my first HT sale! Razvan is a SALES BEAST and I don't say that lightly.

Written Testimonials From Our Clients & Students

Don't take up my word, check the results first. Let the results speak for themselves

Karen L.

"After only 3 coaching sessions with Razvan, I made 3 consistent high-ticket sales of $1,000 each, generating $3,000 online within a period of 11 days. Razvan has helped me to find the right FB groups with hot buyers and we created a clear plan on how to get new clients from those groups."

Karen L.

After the first 3 coaching sessions with Karen, where she generated $3,000 in 11 days online, we had the next 3 coaching sessions and she was able to make 2 HT sales in 1 day, generating $2,000 online that day!

Rudolfs S.

"I've been trying to make money online since 2016 and nothing really was significant. I did different things, but nothing really worked. After I meet Razvan and started working with him as my mentor, I literally made my 1st HT commission after 1 week of working together."

Jen H.

"Jen struggled for 3 months trying to figure out how to make sales on TikTok... she then joined my coaching program, I made a Personalized Plan for her and she then went from ZERO to 1,000+ Followers in 5 days and got 60+ leads with only 2 videos."

Jeff C.

"Jeff joined my Inner Circle to get help with creating his own coaching program and grow to 6-figures online and after we launched his 1st paid offer he got 70 sign ups in only 70 minutes"

Jake R.

"Jake struggled for 6 months to make sales with affiliate marketing feeling lost and confused from the program he bought before... he then joined my coaching program and I helped him to generate $4,500 in only 2 weeks." 

Sarah M.

"Sarah has her own coaching program in kinesiology and we worked with her to help her put her offer together and within 1 month she got her first $2,000 client for her new offer."

Bojan L.

He's been struggling for 1 year in some other programs and he joined us because he found hope and saw that what we teach is working. 

Rajvir B.

"She closed a high-ticket sale getting a juicy commission of $1,400 with Razvan Chirodea Academy Affiliate Program" 

Cory K.

Such feedbacks and messages from people that hear about me online are hearth warming. 

Geoffrey L.

Struggling in his affiliate marketing business for over 1 year by himself, he joined my mentorship and closed a $650 sale after 3 days of joining. 

Eberto R.

"He got his first 4-figure day oline generating $1,122 with his affiliate program after 1 coaching session with Razvan."

Cristi F.

Cristi is promoting digital products online and he wanted to increase his sales so he joined our coaching program and after 1 week of joining he got 400 leads in a single day.  

Sunniva H.

Sunniva was struggling to make sales  so she joined my coaching program and in the 1st week she made her first HT sale online and then she implemented my content strategy and got 1.4M+ views to her content, grew to 10,000+ followers and got 1,000+ leads within 1 week.

Cristi F.

Cristian made $10,000 in sales in only 3 days within the first 30 days of joining The Academy and coaching program and $30,000 within the first 90 days of working with Razvan. 

Results from Razvan Chirodea Academy Affiliates

You want to make money with us? Join our affiliate family and let your results speak for themselves

Maxwell C.

Generating a 4-figure day in commissions with our Affiliate Program.

Razvan G.

Generating a 4-figure day with our Affiliate Program. 

Maja L.

Generating juicy commissions for herself with our Affiliate Program. 

Rajvir K.

Having a 4-figure day with our Affiliate Program. 

Karen L.

She generated multiple sales with our Affiliate Program monetizing 1 prospect up to 3 times. 

Carla L.

Making affiliate sales with our low ticket Affiliate Program. 

Qais A.

He made a sale with our Affiliate Program 3 days after joining. 

Qais A.

Qais also generated passive income with our Affiliate Program generating recurring commissions every month. 

Matthias S.

Generating a 4-figure day with our Affiliate Program. 

Victoria K.

She made her 1st HT sale with our program only 19 days after joining us. 

Victoria K.

She made another HT sale only 2 weeks later generating a 4-figure day online. 

Cristian F.

$10,000 in sales in 3 days only 30 days after joining us and a HT sale with our program before even officially applying for it. 

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